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UAB "Skulas" was registered on 10th of April in the year 1997. The main activity of the company is wholesale and retail trade of light oil products. It is one of the largest oil products wholesale companies in Lithuania. UAB "Skulas" clients are petrol stations, transport companies, agriculture companies and farmers all over Lithuania. In 2001 UAB "Skulas" established its branch in Jurbarkas. It enables us to provide timely and quality service to the clients in this region.

Our company sells oil products, produced by AB "Mazeikiu nafta" oil company. We have a long-term oil products supply agreement with this company. Excise-taxed products warehouse opened in the beginning of the year 2006 has created a possibility to store fuel reserves up to 2000 tons and use it if the threat that AB "Mazeikiu nafta" stops working emerges. The quality of the sold fuel corresponds to the laboratory data indicated in its certificate of quality.

The company operates an oil products repository in Siauliai and Jurbarkas, as well as large fleet of petrol trucks. Our fleet of tank trucks was renovated in 2005. The capacities (sizes) of the owned petrol trucks and car meters enable us to satisfy various needs of the clients. All special vehicles meet the international standards of dangerous cargos carriage by roads and are capable of carrying from 1000 to 36000 liters at once.

40 people were employed at UAB "Skulas" in 2006. The Company pays a lot of attention to training and motivating the employees.

UAB „Skulas"
Company code 145316477
VAT code LT453164716
Draugystes pr. 21-8 LT-76353 Siauliai, Lithuania
Account No. LT98 7044 0600 0220 3435
AB bank Vilniaus bankas, bank code 70440
Account No. LT26 7180 0000 0046 1828
AB bank Siauliu bankas, bank code 71800

Excise-taxed products warehouse identification No. LT0A09180109S.
Licence for wholesale trade of unpacked oil products No.9609
Warehouse in Jurbarkas licence identification No. SST-068-254.249

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